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adjective: dynamic

  1. (of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.

  2. (of a person) positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas. 


Dynamic Marine Survey & Solutions is a world class company providing local and international technical solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry. Our in house engineers & surveyors specialize in hull & machinery surveys / repairs as well as cargo surveying. We also repair and service DP Systems, automation, instrumentation and mechanical overhauls of thrusters, engines and gearboxes.  

With our vast combined knowledge of the offshore industry, we at DMSS provide turnkey solutions for our clients in the offshore and commercial market.

DMSS is based in Cape Town, South Africa in order to provide responsive support to all types of vessels and clients operating in the time critical oil & gas market of West Africa and the Middle east.




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From our office in Cape Town, South Africa we serve our customers on the continent of Africa and the middle East in the marine surveying, upgrading, repairs, project management and technical advice of DP systems, sensors, control units and any capital mechanical equipment. We are a marine electronics  and mechanics, sales and service company supporting the time critical maritime, oil and gas market 24 hours a day with our in house surveyors, mechanical and electrical engineers. We can also support in the repair or installation of  any electronic equipment. With our experience in the DP, navigation, automation, propulsion controls and mechanical market, we can offer you the fastest and highest quality service possible regarding service and supply of equipment.

Fully digitalized, quick response, low overhead costs and a dedicated staff is key in serving our clients.

In-house superintendents to lead and manage complex repairs, upgrades, overhauls on both new build vessels or on-board your existing vessels. 

‘We will strive to achieve top quality service with the highest customer satisfaction possible"

Posh logo

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with you.

You and your team took the time to really understand our needs and delivered as expected. I would highly recommend Dynamic Marine Survey & Solutions. You have been a fabulous support.


Thanks & Best Regards

Capt. Ajay Rawat

OSM Logo

During my stay in Walvis Bay, Namibia last year docking two anchor handlers for OSM, I had the pleasure to learn to know Dynamic Marine Survey & Solutions, as the company did major overhaul of winches for anchor handling and they also did work on cranes and mooring winches as well.

In addition, the company performed DP Trials and FMEA for both Hermit Baron and Hermit Brilliance.

All the work was performed excellent and I was impressed by their capabilities, flexibilities and their pro-active attitude, and I really enjoyed to cooperate with them. 

I can definitely recommend the company and their clever guys if you are in need of service.


Kind Regards


Thor Sverre Sveinungsen

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This is to certify that Company named Dynamic Marine Survey & Solutions from Walvis Bay/Namibia has carried out the FMEA test on 20th of June 2020, on the ship GH Discovery belongs to UOS GmbH.


Test was done in professional manner and according to good working practice. I would like to express my appreciation for Dynamic Surveyors for their approach to the scope of tests and understanding of the specify of the DP2 AHTS vessel.


I can honestly recommended the Dynamic Marine Survey & Solutions and I hope for future fruitful cooperation.


With best regards

Piotr Skwarek

Technical Superintendent



The DYNAMIC team offers 24Hr support from our headquarters located in Cape Town, South Africa and our service is measurable by international standards. 


Our marine surveying services includes the following:


  • P&I surveys

  • Insurance surveys

  • Marine Consulting

  • On/Off hire surveys

  • Pre-Purchase / Condition surveys

  • Damage surveys

  • Project management

  • Hiring out superintendents

  • Assist with re-commission of vessels that are in lay up.

  • Draft surveys

  • Bunker surveys

  • Cargo surveys

  • IHM surveys

  • ISM/ISPS/MLC audits

  • MWS Audits

  • OVID Audits

  • CMID Audits

  • Marine Rep

  • Heavy Lifts

  • STS Ops

  • Noise Surveys

  • Light Surveys


With our vast knowledge and experience in mechanical and electrical engineering the team at DMSS can:

  • Overhaul all types of winches.

  • Thruster overhauls

  • Rudder overhauls

  • Perform bollard pull tests.

  • Oversee cold / hot stacking of vessels.

  • Oversee installation and commissioning of scrubbers.

  • Laser alignment

  • Thickness measurements

  • Borescope inspections

  • Thermography inspections

  • 3D Ship scans

  • Vibration Analysis


We have highly skilled and trained personnel to assist with all your automation and controls system needs. With our experienced personnel, we are able to cover a broad spectrum of Automation and Controls systems.

Dynamic Automation and Controls:


  • Propulsion controls

  • Auxiliary engines controls

  • Pump and valve controls

  • Alarm and monitoring

  • Tank sounding

  • Navigation equipment

  • DP sensors

  • Automation systems

  • DP trials

  • DP Surveys

  • FMEA trails

Marine Surveys

Our marine surveyors are available 24/7 for any of your or your vessels needs. Specialising in Hull & machinery as well as cargo surveys, our team is capable of handling any project and are able to compile clear and concise reporting with daily updates on surveys.

Travelling West Africa on a moments notice is no issue as we are strategically located to enable us to travel and attend on board in a time crucial market.

Flexibility, communication, standardized documentation and fast reporting we see as our key to deliver quality service with competitive pricing when you need it

DP systems, controls of any capital equipment and electrical installation

We are specialized in annual DP and 5 yearly FMEA trails. With a fast experience in the different DP platforms we can service, replace or upgrade any system or sensor and perform troubleshooting on any control platform.

We can preform troubleshooting and solve any issue on your thruster, main CPP, rudder, winch or control equipment. We can assist you with the installation and wiring of your new system or upgrade your equipment.

Due to our high flexibility, our office location and our past experience in working in challenging locations we are ready to travel out at any moment to attend your vessel in and around Africa on short notice.

Service and repair of mechanical and or hydraulic capital equipment

We can assist in any major or minor repair in the dry dock, port or on open water. With a lot of contacts and partners in the maritime industry we act when it is required. We are specialized in: Hydro dynamics, Hydraulics, pneumatics, Hydro packs, pumps or any other capital equipment.

When we attend your vessel we work with a structured and standardized day to day report, this will keep you updated on the work executed on a day to day bases. A financial overview will be instantly be supplied every day we work. This results in a open and clear cost vs work executed overview.

Digitalization, open communication and good connections with partners, sub contractors and the original equipment makers  are key to a successful project.


DP Trials

DP FMEA Trials

FMEA trials have to be performed every 5 years to ensure that the DP system still complies to all DP related Failure Mode and Effect Analysis. These tests prove that if the DP system fails in operation, it does so safely for both operators and equipment.

The 5 yearly FMEA Proving trials is a series of tests that proves that the original FMEA vessel testing results are still active and relevant to regulation bodies.

DP Trials

DP Annual trials are performed on an annual basis. These trials focus on the DP system and its operation in the field. All vessel maneuvers to be carried out and tested under failure conditions to ensure the vessel operates in a safe manner and still comply to the FMEA failure outcomes and previous DP Annual trial results.

Pre and Post docking Trials

Pre and Post docking trials are a more compact version of the DP Annual trials. These trials test the functionality of the DP system prior to docking the vessel ensuring the DP system is functioning correctly and that repairs can be made to the system if needed during the docking period.


DMSS will compile these documents and perform all tests and procedures on the vessel ensuring it is fit to operate in the Oil fields. All tests performed will be according to IMO and IMCA regulations as well as the governing body of the vessel (ABS, BV, Lloyds, DNV-GL etc. )



Thanks! Message sent.

Head Office

The Dynamic Team offers 24Hr system solutions and support from our South African based office.  From here we travel to any African country to meet your needs.

Physical Address:

Unit 4B, De Wingerd Road, Milnerton,  Western Cape, 7441

Contact Detail:

Patrick Adam 24/7 mobile: +264 (0)81 324 7369



Werner Ahrens 24/7 mobile: +264 (0)81 285 1810


Andre Zandberg 24/7 mobile: 

(NAM) +264 (0)81 451 0155

(S.A) +27 (0)79 743 2903                    


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